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Messages… Talking points… Soundbites… think they’re just for publicists spinning their new blockbuster movie, latest product launch or corporate merger? No way – messaging platforms are essential for every social sector organization too, large or small.

A Conversation with Volunteer Managers

It’s no exaggeration that volunteers keep nonprofits across the U.S. running. Volunteers provide leadership on boards of directors, offer skills-based pro bono services, and even implement programs in some organizations. In honor of National Volunteer Week, I asked two outstanding volunteer managers for their thoughts on the importance of volunteers for their nonprofits.

Merging Development and Marketing

​Over the past few months, one of the recurring topics of discussion when I meet with leaders of small and medium-size nonprofits is the combined development and marketing function, which offers both opportunities and challenges for organizations.

The Nonprofit Career Path Puzzle

​Since I transitioned from corporate work into the nonprofit sector over 11 years ago, I’ve wondered and worried about the uncertainty of a long-term career path in the “doing good” world for me, my peers and those who hope to join our ranks. Luckily the tides are starting to turn as the social sector creates a more inclusive, connected community. And there are simple things we can all do as nonprofit leaders to make our sector a place for talented, passionate people to build their professional lives.