What We Do

We provide both strategic counsel and tactical support related to nonprofit management and corporate social responsibility.

For Nonprofits

Our services for nonprofit organizations include:

  • Board of directors development
  • Strategic business planning and ongoing evaluation
  • Resource development (traditional fundraising and innovative revenue generation)
  • Marketing and communications program design and support
  • Finance and operations assessment and implementation
  • HR guidance

What’s the impact of our work? We help nonprofits map out a clear direction for their future, expand and enhance resources, solidify leadership, strengthen infrastructure and increase awareness of their cause.

For Businesses

Our services for businesses include:

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform creation and plan development
  • Nonprofit/community partner identification and onboarding
  • Philanthropic giving strategy development and management
  • Community engagement activation
  • CSR internal and external communications

The outcomes of our projects with small and medium-sized businesses include more meaningful philanthropic giving, greater employee engagement, customer and investor endorsement, and increased community visibility.